How to showcase your Company's product range in one presentation.

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

Impossible? Possible? YES Through the medium of a model.

At Modelart, we have noted an upward trend with the engineering industry requiring presentation models to promote their products. A good example of this is Betafence, a Præsidiad Group Company, who contacted Modelart to investigate presentation model options to showcase their perimeter security solutions.

Præsidiad is a global leader in perimeter security products through their group of companies including Betafence, Guardiar, and Hesco. They operate in many countries around the globe with a manufacturing base in South Africa. Their extensive product range offers complete security solutions consisting of sophisticated fencing systems, gates and access control, penetration barrier systems, cameras, beams, radar, electronic / personnel management systems, flood lighting and more. All to ensure the highest levels of functional security for their clients who comprise countries and major corporations needing to secure strategic installations such as borders, oil and gas infrastructure, airports, military facilities, harbours, power utility installations and data centres.

Modelart’s brief was to investigate a model concept, depicting and connecting several of their products in a single scale model presentation. The viewer needed to be able identify the Betafence product range set out systematically showing the complex layers of security systems on offer.

A scale presentation model needing to document wire mesh fence panel structures, surveillance cameras, with multiple products and systems in-between, requires a large-scale model. We chose scale 1:25, depicting only a small portion of a typical strategic chemical installation. Scale 1:25 gives access to commercially available high-quality vehicles – in this instance an immaculately detailed Italeri cab-chassis, which sets the tone and forms a tangible scale link with the rest of the model’s components. This unusually large scale enabled the modelling of component parts in relation to one another to be adequately documented whilst depicting security system accurately.

The value that this model brings to a prospective client is that it enables that person to observe and glean an overview of how the systems work individually and systemically, whilst showing numerous available solutions on offer. The model is supported by a myriad of multimedia, technical manuals and brochures on hand, for those needing to further investigate what they have observed in a tangible three-dimensional product rendition.

Model quality is most important if the presentation is to be taken seriously by the viewer. A high-quality model is a quality endorsement of the product it represents. The converse also applies!

I think it is probably not far off the mark to presume that people in decision-making positions have a keen eye for quality. A good quality model will resonate more favourably with decision makers and by extension so will the product that the model sets out to document.

This particular model is a roaming exhibit for Betafence and features prominently in our client’s product marketing at trade fairs around the world. It has accumulated many air miles in its duty as a Betafence Brand Ambassador. Its success was the catalyst that prompted our client to purchase four more models depicting specialised scenarios. These follow up models will be the subject of future blog posts.

Laser cut stainless steel mesh and razor wire. Cameras with fibre optic lighting appear live Illuminated mast lights, high resolution signage and more combine to make a compelling model presentation.

The model depicts a range of barrier systems typically used for a strategic chemical installation. The strategic chemical installation is a metaphor for other high value/strategic installations.

The use of an exquisitely detailed vehicle with illuminated cab, headlights on and flashing indicators adds presentation value helps to convey the human scale with the security installation components. The vehicle as a means of communicating human scale is something that happens on a subliminal level, mostly without the observer being aware.

A Modelart presentation model is often more adept at communicating a story than a real life scenario. The main reason being that one is able to condense allot of detail (in this case product) into a small space that would be more spread out in real life.

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