Modelart was established 1988, is a market leader and the preferred bidder for the production and supply of presentation models on a number of the most-prestigious real estate projects around the globe. Modelart’s success is founded on determination, tenacity, a commitment to innovation and a continued investment in new technology.


Modelart’s 900 square meter business premises in Johannesburg South Africa with bespoke interior spaces have been specifically designed to facilitate model building activities.

Modelart has a staff complement of, highly skilled, technically proficient model builders, employed full time to ensure that quality is a non-negotiable deliverable, irrespective of constraints and lead times.  Our first consideration is to provide presentation and marketing solutions, specific and appropriate for the particular project where the client will extract the most value.    

Real-estate projects are the bulk of Modelart’s business. Other categories of scale models include, engineering, structural, civil, mining, automotive, aeronautic, product prototyping & development as well as corporate gifts.  There is an increasing demand for concept modeling and development, mainly to do with renewable energy. They do not appear in our portfolio due to Intellectual Property constraints.


Modelart has consistently invested in and adapted leading edge production technology pertinent to the specialty of model building. A substantial CAD CAM CNC infrastructure is maintained which has been sourced from some of the best supplier brands globally. Our nine CNC machines and seven 3D printers offer a wide range of manufacturing solutions, with the added benefit of being able to spread the workload wide across multiple machines simultaneously, thus reducing production time and timeous completion of the work.


Modelart subscribes to organization and production procedures, based on project management principles, in pursuit of delivering the very best product within the constraints of a given brief, time, quality and cost. This is most important when coordinating and processing tens of thousands of individual parts on several projects running concurrently.


Modelart is fully compliant in terms of legislation pertinent to our industry. Our formal registration, EME and tax clearance remains current and available at short notice as required. 


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