Modelart CAD Department

Project drawings are received electronically and converted to appropriate 3D modelling files that are conversant with the ModelartCNC production equipment. Once adjusted in accordance with client and design/professional team feedback, these files are then sent through to the CNC machine centre for the production of the multitude of model components.

Model Builder CAD
model builder machines

Modelart CNC Centre

Is where the production of all of the separate model components is handled, and the entire ‘kit of parts’ for finishing and final assembly are machined in logical sequence to save time and avoid material wastage. High speed machine sequences that operate to tolerances of within twenty microns may be performed around the clock to ensure that project delivery times are kept down to the absolute minimum.

model builder CNC
model builder laser

Modelart Assembly Studios

The model components are forwarded from the CNC centre to specialized clean assembly studios where skilled model builders assemble these into sub assemblies and ultimately the final completed scale model. A wide range of materials are employed in the production of a model, and are carefully selected for their desired characteristics. These materials are joined and secured in place with various adhesives systems to ensure a cohesive final assembly.

All of the materials are treated and finished prior to final assembly in order to achieve a lifelike colour rendition which is accurate to both intended scale and material.

model builder assembly
model builder base
model builder glueing


Model Bases

Modelart has developed an innovative and lightweight base system that facilitates modular transportation and assembly on site. Other optional features include stand-off rails for added protection, dust covers and climate control of the model where required.

Lighting Installations

Modelart has also developed proprietary lighting installation systems whereby models may be illuminated to achieve the utmost levels of realism and presentation impact for both daytime and nighttime scenarios. Electronic circuitry may be installed where required to render special lighting effects that occur in real time.


The incorporation of scaled accessories add a lifelike quality to a model. People, cars, landscaping, trees, furniture, motor launches and helicopters are all manufactured to painstaking tolerances and detail in house by Modelart for application on the finished model.

Flight Cases

Modelart offers a bespoke service in respect of designing fit-for-purpose packaging, crating, flight cases and freight protection solutions for all of the models dispatched out of their production facility.

modelbuilder eggcrate
model builder flight case


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