Modelart is distinguished for its quality and is the preferred bidder for the supply of models for many of the world’s most prestigious projects.

Modelart’s thirty-one year experience in the field has been a process of perpetual re-appraisal in a quest to produce premium quality models. We ensure competitive pricing, facilitate value engineering and make certain of the delivery of an appropriate presentation solution, in response to a given brief.

Modelart owner-occupies part of its own stand alone business premises, comprising 900 square meters of premium first floor high tech industrial floor space. Seven independently tenanted occupancies are situated on the ground floor of the building that contributes to the financial well being and security of Modelart.

With Modelart’s use of innovative proprietary technology, superlative detailing is assured, providing scaled renditions with optimal visual impact.

Modelart has a staff compliment of highly skilled, motivated and passionate craftsmen ensure that quality is a non negotiable deliverable, irrespective of project demands and lead times.

Modelart employs sound project management principles that are applied from inception through to final delivery and installation, where personal representation is on hand to initiate the after sales service relationship.

Modelart’s philosophy is to strive continually and relentlessly to achieve the absolute best for its clients within the demands and constraints of the projects at hand.

Modelart operates in a soft currency environment and is therefore exceedingly competitive when compared international contenders who are able to compete for quality.

At Modelart we understand that the primary function of our product is to communicate a story. In the same way that the message will always be lost in a badly worded editorial, an ill-detailed model will fail to communicate the intended message and diminish intrinsic value of the project. To deliver anything less than excellence would be to fail our clients therefore.

We at Modelart assure you of an excellent product for your benefit.


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