Face Shield - Small (Kiddies - 3 to 6 Years)

Product Code: MA-FS-Small

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Product Details

  • Material: White ABS plastic headband and clear PET visor.

  • Price: R15.00 per unit (R150.00 per pack of 10) - includes VAT.

  • Minimum order of 10 units (in multiples of 10).

  • Partially assembled. Some DIY assembly required (cable ties & elastic to be installed)

  • Flat-pack for delivery.

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*** Our lockdown permit allows us to manufacture and supply products closely related to the healthcare sector during the COVID-19 pandemic. We offer 3D printing (PLA, ABS and Resin), CNC router cutting and laser cutting services. 

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Face Shield

Medium (Scholars)


plain cover image.jpg

Face Shield

Large (Adults)


Peak Cap Clip-on Cover Image.jpg

Face Shield - Peak Cap Clipon

Large (Adults)


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Assembly Video