Thank you for the numerous messages of congratulations on Modelart’s entry into its thirty-fourth year since inception. More so now than any time in our company’s history, it is a reminder to reflect on what enabled three plus decades of success. This celebration is as much about acknowledging an exceptional Modelart team that has lead innovation in our industry, in pursuit of achieving value and excellence. As it is for those people who trusted us to model their product, often at times when there was so much more at stake and all the chips were down.

Modelart’s journey has been exceedingly rewarding as a creative endeavor. It has enabled meeting and working with, kings of countries, captains of industry, celebrities, exceptionally talented professionals, villains, and every description of person in between.

It has opened doors to international travel to interesting destinations and cultures. Staying in the very best hotels in the world, but choosing to be hungry in other destinations, where the word hygiene is evidently missing in those people’s vocabulary, and the food unpalatable.

Thank you to all who chose to support us, most of whom remain clients to this day! Not forgetting the friendships that developed along the way. Without you it could not have happened! We hope that you always felt as well rewarded through our product as we through your investment in our business.

Mark Samuelsson “the original Modelart”

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