Modelart’s investment in technology, innovation and expertise in maximizing the potential of software and industrial CNC hardware, designed for unrelated industries, but adapted by us for our purpose, sets us apart. Our processes are quicker with a substantially higher detail-render at a competitive cost to conventional methods employed in our industry.

Modelart’s work offers real estate buyers/investors a clear visual and tangible understanding of lifestyle, value and sum of the component parts of a development project. We are able to achieve a level of accuracy and detail that is unprecedented in our industry. I have not seen evidence to suggest otherwise! This aspect of our product enables decisiveness in the mind of the buyer/ investor; allowing the sales personnel to focus on high quality prospects and eliminates the cost and burden of entertaining precariously perched fence sitters.

More effective sales numbers at the onset reduces the marketing duration, a higher commitment to construction urgency and delivery of units. Reduced project duration will have better scales of economy, and profit margins for the developer.

Models have the unenviable reputation of being expensive. In terms of pulling numbers out of the sky or asking Joe Soap to lend an opinion on what a model may cost. The actual cost is bound to sound exorbitant! On the contrary! The cost of the sum of the front door locksets, before fitting, on Balwin’s Greenlee development, will purchase nearly three of these models at one thousand hours of commitment in each. When put into perspective, they are inexpensive!

I am unaware of any other competitor in our industry worldwide that is as technologically endowed and has the expertise that is as advanced as Modelart is. We welcome you make a qualified appointment to visit our company and see how we do it.

Check our video.

Mark Samuelsson

MODELART “Est. 1988 - the original Modelart”

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