Modelart prominent at the Presidential Launch of the Mozambique LNG Project.

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

We took a call from the Communications Manager at Anadarko Petroleum Corporation in Texas in July. She inquired about the probability of producing a model of the Mozambique LNG project. It needed to be delivered to the far north reaches of Mozambique by that month end. The LNG plant covers an area of 5km x 5km, includes the refinery, harbour and tanker loading jetty, extending 2,5km offshore. It is extensive, complex that is spectacular in its intricacy.

The model was to be central at the “first brick ceremony” where His Excellency President Filipe Jacinto Nyusi, of Mozambique and dignitaries would be in attendance. They would be hosted by Steven Wilson, Vice President, Country Manager Anadarko Mozambique.

Constraints of the model construction and delivery were:

  • Just three weeks to have the presentation model complete shipped and installed on site.

  • Customs clearing duration in Mozambique is unpredictable. We budgeted a week for logistics, therefore.

  • The scale model needed to be air freighted, most likely in a light aircraft to Pemba, with the final leg of 250km to site by Helicopter. The overall presentation model size could not be too large.

  • Modelart still needed to obtain the latest CAD version to work with and adapt for our application, produce a 3D Rhino model, CNC machine the component parts, construct and package the completed model.

  • Mindful of the practical constraints of getting the model built and delivered, whilst needing to document the twenty-five square kilometre area, required the model to be scale 1: 5000 measuring about 1m x 1m.

All went to plan. The model was complete and package with a week to spare. As anticipated customs was the unknown, with a duration of about four days. The model was delivered two days in advance of the event and was able to serve its purpose as a brand ambassador for the client and country.

As an aside: Anadarko has since been acquired by Occidental and French company, Total acquired the Mozambique operations as I understand it to be.

The LNG Plant depicting all four phases.

Anadarko's VP Steve Wilson briefing President Filipe Jacinto.

Finished model illuminated by 9000 light points.

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