How to achieve a perpetual-motion marketing campaign with a model at the core.

This project was commissioned by Modelart’s client VWV

On behalf of their client ABSA Bank

This is a model designed and constructed by Modelart, from a single artist’s rendering, metaphorically detailing the ABSA Bank's 2040 vision.

The model is a collection of three-dimensional cartoon-like fantasy buildings set in a make-believe landscape. The individual imaginary buildings are symbolic of theme categories or pillars in the goals and aspirations that make up ABSA Bank’s 2040 vision. The icons in, on and around these buildings represent sub themes or objectives that need to be met as a collective, for each pillar/building aspiration to be realized. When all group pillar/building goals are attained the overall vision will be achieved.

The placement of the symbols within the building structures has significance in terms of importance and interpretation, with some symbols being more dominant than others. This is most apparent in the figure of a woman in yellow on top of the tall blue spiral tower symbolising promoting women to the highest positions in the projected period.

This model measuring about meter square at the base, is bound to attract attention, especially with inquisitive tech savvy youth. And is a fun way to introduce the ABSA 2040 vision with the added assistance of augmented reality or AR. Practically, people download or have the object recognition app already on their phones. When scanning a phone over the object, it will pick-up on the relevant icons depicting the 2040 goal narrative. By clicking on the prompt one is directed to a web page with information on that subject. This can be repeated over the entire model, with a substantial body of relevant information, specific to each speciality being available for further investigation.

The type of information available, would be of interest to anyone who has dealings with or an interest in what the bank has on offer. One example will be career opportunities up and across the spectrum. The bank’s vision going into the fourth-industrial revolution and how that will impact the types of jobs that will be required. Other aspects of interests will be bank products, investment opportunities, social responsibilities etc.

Whilst the model is undynamic and a static as a metaphor for the ABSA 2040 vision, augmented reality enables it to remain current. The clever use of never seen before structures and symbols, is that they are timeless and not relevant anywhere else. The 2019 narrative behind any particular symbol is likely to evolve and alter with time, due to adjustments in the social, political and economic landscape. The electronic version of the original message is able to be constantly updated to track changes in future, for the communication to continue to be up-to-date. And the envisioned goal remains in sharp focus until 2040.

The initial brief was for people to be able to point their phones directly at the objects in the model its self, in an open public space. However, it was decided that the risk of accidental damage was too high and was decided to encapsulate the model in a Polycarbonate case. The client was to install scannable tags at the base of the cover with the icons replicated in printed artwork. This works well.

As a catalyst for enabling an awareness of and a vehicle for publicizing up-to-date information on ABSA bank’s aspirations, playing out on people’s phones and shared across networks; the model could otherwise be described as “a perpetual-motion marketing and information hub.”

The inclusion of augmented reality is an important aspect of adding value to a model or any static display or object. It can be used to draw attention to key aspects of the design, concept, ingredients, pending developments and the list goes on into infinitum. Subscribers will be kept updated for as long as they remain subscribed.

Modelart. Founded in 1988. “The Original Modelart”

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