The high cost of a single modular retail dispensing system, such as an auto teller that needs to be replicated many hundreds of times for installation in almost every town in the country; warrants that careful attention is given to all aspects of its makeup. Extensive design work is required by multiple specialist disciplines to make these sophisticated assemblies fit for purpose. However, the job is only done when the design is successfully presented, approved and signed-off to enable manufacture, distribution and on-site commissioning of the equipment to materialize.

Crucial to the success of the equipment will be cost, technical proficiency, ease of use, aesthetic appeal and corporate brand identity protocols observed. An accurate model is the perfect assessment tool. Its relative low cost, manageable size, and being unambiguous will help with the evaluation of the criteria. In this example the criteria are more heavily weighted on the external features, aesthetic and branding. Modelling need not be limited to the outer extents of a product. Models of mechanical aspects and moving parts often forms part of the testing and vetting process of a design.

The cost to company of board members or senior management meetings is substantial, when considering accumulative salaries for the duration of when a subject is under review. Other meeting costs include boardroom facility overhead cost and the critical, mostly overlooked cost of having people at the head of the organization preoccupied and unavailable to make snap decisions when urgent matters require decisive leadership.

Model cost, compared to the cost of time wasted caused by delays in decision making as a consequence of unconvincing communication material, makes a well-made presentation model worth its weight in gold. An accurate well-made Modelart model in its self, is a document of the product it represents. It eliminates the need to produce reams of documents containing images and descriptions that a model is capable of achieving at a glance.

The benefit of presenting a model in contrast other more convenient media is that the model is scaled down replica of a three-dimensional object and not a two-dimensional facsimile of a three-dimensional object. There is no need to flip the page or rewind the video for more information. There is less risk of mis-understanding the topic under discussion therefore.

Replicating a model such as these is cost effective, once the modelling is resolved. Clients opt to give them out as corporate gifts to select recipients. Or as floating/ individual performance trophies within the organization.

Founded 1988. “the original Modelart”

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