There is little that can beat a great referral from an important client.

I asked Thomas Ortner and other clients for a referral in support of our bid to model the Jeddah Airport in Saudi Arabia. This was Thomas’s reply.

The Royal Bofakeng Stadium

Dear Mark

You are quite welcome to use me as a reference and WS Atkins are welcome to contact me for additional information. Below a reference concerning the model that you built of the Royal Bafokeng Sports Stadium.

BSP Architect’s Consortium were appointed to provide the Architectural Services for the Royal Bafokeng Sports Stadium for the FIFA 2010 Soccer World Cup. The Consortium consisted of three companies, which were Alvin Roon Architects, Vicki Harris Architects and ADO-Architects de Villiers Ortner. As part of our service we decided to have a model built of the stadium, which is now displayed in the foyer of the Royal Bafokeng Administration. The stadium was an existing stadium, which was upgraded for the 2010 event, the main part of the upgrade was the enlargement of the western grandstand and its new roof. Due to the complexity of the building and the high expectations that the client had of the model we had to be particularly selective in the company we chose to build the model.

We concluded that Modelart was the only company we felt comfortable to entrust with this work. We expected that the process of building the model would require a lot of our time and input. This was especially expected since we had an existing set of drawings and a new set of drawings showing all the extensions. The new drawings did not provide detail information of the existing building, which would be of relevance to the model builder. The structure of the western grandstand was particularly complex with every structural element being different, resulting in many different three-dimensional planes.

We were amazed to be contacted soon after commissioning Modelart with the feedback that the model was complete, we had spent a minimum amount of time in discussion with Modelart and they had prepared the model from our drawings with as good as no queries. The level of accuracy as well as standard of execution of the model was very high.

We will not hesitate to commission Modelart on another model when required, this especially in light of the quality and minimum input required from our side which essentially implies less overheads from our companies’ point of view. I am available if somebody would like to contact me for further feedback with respect to Modelart.


Thomas Ortner

Tel: (012) 347 3515 / Fax: (012) 347 3514 / to@ado-a


ADO Architects de Villiers Ortner Pty (Ltd)

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